Although we work as hard as we can to provide the safest and most reliable method of transport for your goods.
There are always risks involved in shipping goods globally.
Full Maritime Insurance.

PT. Indo Cargo Express can provide you with full freight insurance cover to ensure you are protected from these risks.

We’ll give you best advice as to the level of insurance you should take.

Like all reputable freight operators PT. Indo Cargo Express works under Standing Trading Conditions as written by the International Freight Association, which covers our limited liability. Whilst this is a good baseline cover which is there for every shipment, it is based on weight and does not reflect the true value of goods being shipped. Therefore the value paid out in the event of a claim and the true value of your goods can differ widely, which is why we always recommend full insurance cover to our clients to reflect the proper value of the cargo in the event of loss.

Once your level of cover is decided upon, we take care of the rest.

We work alongside you to ensure we provide the most suitable cover for your freight and we organize everything for you,thus giving you total peace of mind that your goods are fully covered on every step of their journey.

Extremely competitive quotes – call us for a fast, free quote today!

We offer an extremely competitive maritime cargo insurance package and quotes can be obtained easily by contacting your local PT. Indo Cargo Express branch.

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